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How Sail helped Shibi Designs focus on what they do best.


San Diego based UI/UX designer Hicham Moutahir combines a user-centered approach to design with a process of rapid iteration to turn app ideas into working prototypes.

With more than 7 years of experience designing mobile products, Hicham has developed a design process based on mutual understanding of the problem through effective communication. He takes time to gather requirements, analyze user research, ideate on possible solutions, and iterate based on user feedback.

Sail isn’t responsible for any of the beautiful work in the Shibi Designs portfolio, but Hicham was kind enough to share how Sail gives him faster access to his hard earned cash and allows him to spend more time on growing his business.

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With Sail I can get paid in the most efficient way possible.


When Hicham first started as a freelancer, he was using a combination of Paypal and Upwork's billing platform to get paid by his clients. He told us why he was frustrated with how long it took to get paid for his completed work.

When I use Upwork, it takes about 2 weeks to get paid from the time the client gets billed, as everything goes through a review process that allows clients to dispute a transaction or request a refund. Upwork also takes a 20% cut for the first $500 billed, and a 10% cut subsequently.

Paypal was a little better, but still not perfect. It takes 2-3 days to receive a payout after the funds arrive in your Paypal account, and PayPal takes 2.9% + $0.30 on every transaction. One of the biggest problems with Paypal was that as Shibi Designes grew, it was became more difficult for Hicham to keep his personal and professional finances separate, while having a clear view of all his incoming and pending transactions.

Not only was it taking a long time to get access to his hard earned cash, but Hicham was paying for the inconvenience in transaction fees. Annoyed his funds were being held hostage, he was giving up 3% of every paycheck. Hicham looked into a range of options for taking control of his client payments.

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Unlike other tools I tried Sail doesn't over complicate the payment experience. 


When he first switched to Sail, Hicham was able to get setup and receive his first payment in just 6 minutes – and the funds were in his account the same day.

With the option to save his clients payment details and schedule future payments, Hicham could also spend less time worrying about late payments. Even if a client missed a due date, Sail could follow up automatically with a reminder.

Ultimately, what made me choose Sail was the simplicity of the experience and the focus on helping freelancers get paid without needing to spend hours chasing clients or managing my payments

With a quick and easy way to get paid and receive funds in his bank account, Hicham found he had more time to spend with his clients producing the work they hired him to do.

Learn more about Sail as a Paypal alternative

A successful payment with Sail

Seven years after starting his freelance journey, Hicham has had the opportunity to meet and collaborate with amazing professionals while enjoying the freedom being an independent creative provides. CEOs, app creators, entrepreneurs and small business owners all see the value of Hicham’s customer-driven approach to product design, and Shibi Designs continues to grow.

Every freelancer would like to worry less about how they get paid for their work and spend more time doing the work they love.

Sail can help with that. Sign up for early access to the beta today.

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