We’re marketers, not accountants (far from it!).

Diana Bagas & Michaela Mendez, Co-Founders of Launch Web Marketing

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Launch Web Marketing combines experience in advertising and copywriting to help busy business owners understand and leverage the power of social selling, turning your web presence into sales!

Producing compelling content that helps businesses attract and engage customers is Diana and Michaela’s forte. Recently they've been landing new clients themselves. From web copywriting and blogging, to social media content and paid ads, Launch Web Marketing help's companies craft their voice online.

At Sail we’ve been lucky enough to get to know Diana and Michaela as their business has started to take off. They were kind enough to share how they use Sail to save time on getting paid by clients and spend more time growing their business.


Billing day was a great day - we were getting paid - but, it also took half a day to organize.


While Launch Web Marketing was getting off the ground, Diana and Michaela were making invoices each month in Excel - updating the date and amounts, saving to PDF, and sending through email. They kept track of all their outstanding/paid invoices in Excel too.

Billing takes time and a lot of concentration on accounting that we don’t have (or want to have).

But it wasn’t just the hours it took to organize, double check, and email all the hand-made invoices that was starting frustrate the Launch Web Marketing team. They told us that one of the toughest lessons they learned in year one of business was that credit card fees are painful to see - after working so hard to sign new clients they were giving 3% right back.


After a couple of months of billing frustration, it was time to start looking for a new solution.


We were working so hard to sign new clients and nothing is worse than seeing a huge transaction fee bill.


When Launch Web Marketing first started with Sail, they had simple interface and dedicated support to make sure their switch was painless. Diana explained how her early reservations were quickly overcome once her clients started telling her how easy it was for them to pay:

I was worried how our clients would accept a new payment process (especially because they had only made 1 or 2 payments before we introduced Sail). We haven’t gotten any pushback or comments about the switch. I feel like if anything clients have been quicker to pay because it’s easier and more convenient for them too. I send the invoice through Sail, they get it in their email, and they click a link to pay online.

While Sail is secure and powerful, it’s specifically designed to provide an experience that doesn’t feel like a clunky accounting tool. It didn’t take long for Launch Web Marketing to get set up and be ready to get paid. Diana was able to add a logo, her existing clients and connect a Stripe account to accept online payments within a few minutes of creating an account.

Sail provides a simple interface with a lot of functionality. I feel confident knowing the outbound messages I send out through Sail have a professional appearance (better than I could make myself) and it’s easy for my clients to make their payments.

Sail made sending professional invoices and keeping track of outstanding payments easier, but the feature that Diana says she recommends to people the most, is to allow clients to pay easily and securely via bank transfer. Not only does Launch Web Marketing still get all the great benefits of being paid online like (saving client payment methods on file and automated payment reminders), but they pay a maximum transaction fee of $5 per payment vs the hundreds of dollars a month they were paying to accept credit cards. Here's a quick example to illustrate the difference.

A client payment of $1000 will result in the following fees for the freelancer:

  • Credit Card Fee: $29.30

  • Paypal Fee: $29.30

  • Bank Transfer Fee: $5


To have a second option to show to clients (direct deposit instead of pay by credit card) is a game changer - it caps fees at $5 and that’s is pretty great. We probably save a couple of thousand dollars a year.

The best part about accepting bank transfers with Sail is the experience for clients. Instead of sharing sensitive account numbers, Diana's clients can securely authorize a payment in less than 30 seconds using their online banking login. Safe, secure and convenient for everyone. 

Learn more about accepting online payments

Pay with a bank account

Diana and Michaela decided to partner together to make content and social media easy, actionable and affordable for small business owners. With their own business operations off the ground and running smoothly on Sail, they are able to focus on the work they love. Starting your own freelance business isn’t easy, but with the right tools and friendly support it doesn’t have to be lonely journey.

It’s great working with another team that is so passionate about what they do, they’re always making improvements, and they care about our success as a business too.

Sail can help you grow your business too.

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