Build your freelance business with the tools of an agency


Freelancing is almost easy when only taking on the occasional project for friends-of-friends. There are no contracts, getting paid on time is a luxury (it’s just a side hustle, right?), and scope is rarely, if ever, set accurately.

And then you go full-time, and things start to change. Getting clients to pay on time without harming the relationship becomes an anxiety-ridden experience. Those un-scoped, non-billable hours start to hurt a little more. Then there’s understanding tax implications, contract legalese, and presenting a professional brand. All this with the knowledge that the best way to grow your business is through happy, successful clients referring their network to you.

Maybe 5 years down the road, when your team has grown to include a billing department, a lawyer on retainer, and an in-house accountant, none of this will be a problem. But what about today?

Introducing Sail

We believe that freelancers should be able to build with agency-level tooling and support. We believe that successful, happy clients are the key to building a great business, and that billing, contracts, scoping and everything else that goes on outside of the creative work itself should make your clients love you more, while respecting the value of your time.

We spent the past 2 years working with dozens of freelancers to power more than 300 web design projects, where we built systems to provide guaranteed payments, clear scope, and project management support. Now we’re building Sail to put these benefits directly in your hands.

To help bring you closer to the development of our product and provide a space for you to request the things that would provide you with the confidence you need to grow your business we’re sharing our public product roadmap.


We are moving quickly towards a private beta release of Sail. Read on to find out how you can be one of the first to get access.

A Sneak Peak of Sail 1.0


To start we are focused on helping freelancers create professional invoices and get paid on time. We believe that freelancers deserve to be treated and paid like professionals so everything we build will make presenting a professional image to your clients easier and more enjoyable.

Here's a screenshot of an invoice I sent to a recent client using Sail. You can get paid via credit card or offline and we will be adding more options soon.


Here’s a quick overview of how Sail 1.0 works.

  1. Create an invoice - Add your client’s name, the line items you’d like to charge for and how you’d like to get paid with a few clicks.

  2. Send your invoice - Choose who needs to receive your invoice and send via email or using a unique shareable link.

  3. Accept payment - Your client pays their invoice via credit or debit card and the funds are transferred right to your account.

  4. Get paid automatically - Save your clients payment details safely and securely so the next time you send an invoice you won’t have to ask for their info again.


Would you use Sail

If you're a freelancer looking to spend more time on the work that you love and less time managing your business, sign up and I'll keep you in the loop with bi-weekly updates and of course your invite when we launch 🚀

I'd love to hear your feedback and for you to sign up for beta.

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If you're interested in some more context on why we started building Sail check out this post: The Commoditization of Creative Projects

Stuart Balcombe