Whether you're a moonlighter, part-time freelancer, or full-time freelancer, not all of the money you make on a project is yours to keep. Most freelancers underestimate their tax burden and don't consider taxes when coming up with their pricing. This calculator gives you full visibility into taxes and take-home income.


Calculate tax withholding

Using information about your filing status, location, and projected income, calculate the amount you should be setting aside for self-employment and income taxes. 

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Account for project costs

Account for common project costs like subcontracting, transaction fees, and more to calculate your net profit.


Learn what to charge

Play with the calculator to determine what you should be charging in order to take home what you want. 


Sarah is a freelance marketer in Philly and sets aside 31.3% of her freelance income for taxes


Matt has a full-time job but freelances on the side, and sets aside 37.3% of freelance income for taxes


Find out how much of your freelance income is yours to keep

The Freelance Project Tax Calculator provides estimates and are not actual amounts owed. It should not be construed as financial or tax advice, and should not be seen as a substitute for obtaining such advice. 

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