Up and to the Right: 10/17/2017


Here are 3 links worth your time this week:

Toptal's Lauren Holliday explains how to use case studies to show your value to potential clients. The takeaway: Focus on content that proves how you'll solve business problems and the process you follow to make your clients successful. (7-minute read). How to write a case study that wins you clients

Paul Jarvis explains why ongoing marketing is so important for your business. The takeaway: Treat marketing as a process for aligning what your client needs with what you can offer, where the very last step is asking them to buy. (10-minute read). You don't hate marketing, you hate what you think marketing is

Personal finance blogger Carrie Smith Nicholson shares some of her top tips for saving money on your freelance taxes. The takeaway: Get organized and set aside a 15-30% of your income ready to file your quarterly taxes and avoid a huge end of year tax bill. (6-minute read). How self-employed freelancers can avoid a huge tax bill

Stuart Balcombe