Up and to the Right: 10/24/2017


Here are 3 links worth your time this week:

Business coach Jean Murray explains how freelancers can convert a portion of their personal expenses into a tax-deductible business expense. The takeaway: If you work on your freelance business from home, you are can likely deduct some of your personal costs from your tax bill. (5-minute read). Calculate your home business space deduction

Jennifer Bourn shares how creating a clear onboarding process can help set expectations and provide a consistent experience for clients. The takeaway: Setting aside time to review your existing processes and resolve problem areas will improve your client's experience and ultimately your business success. (12-minute read). How to implement a new client onboarding process and set expectations

Groove CEO Alex Turnbull shares no-nonsense advice from his experience building a company to help small business owners. The takeaway: Define success based on what's important to you and build relationships with smart people to help you get there. (10-minute read). 7 No-nonsense pieces of startup advice I wish I got when I started

Stuart Balcombe