Up and to the Right: 10/31/2017


Join us for our Reddit AMA

Today (October 31st) at 1pm EST we will be hosting an AMA on Reddit to answer any questions you may have about how to grow your income as a freelancer. We'll be starting the discussion with tips on how to get paid on time but feel free to ask us about marketing, accounting, taxes, expenses or whatever it is that you may be struggling with in your business.

If you'd like to help us out we'd really appreciate you sharing the AMA with your network. We will be hosting the discussion here:  



Here are 3 links worth your time this week:

Austin Church explains how freelancers can turn their services into products and escape the trap of hourly rates. The takeaway: Your clients want to buy positive outcomes. Try packaging your skills as a product with clear and tangible value delivered in a short time period. (8-minute read). Repackaging your services as products to double or triple your income

Matt Fulton shares how creating clear payment terms can ensure on-time payment from clients, complete with lawyer-vetted payment terms for you to use. The takeaway: Help clients clearly understand how payment for your project will work and reduce the amount of work you do "on credit" as far as possible. (7-minute read). How to get paid on time every time

Marketing expert Noah Kagan discusses how to cultivate a winning marketer's mindset. The takeaway: Be yourself and don't be afraid to fail but instead continually try to validate your ideas. (10-minute read). 8 unconventional ways to put yourself into a successful marketer's mindset

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