Up and to the Right: 11/14/2017


Here are 3 links worth your time this week:

Freelancer Trent Hamm shares his financial routine to take care of the challenges that come with being self-employed. The takeaway: Working for yourself comes with a lot of financial responsibility. To counter irregular income try to keep at least 1 month's income on hand in an emergency savings account. (4-minute read). 6 big differences between a normal job and self-employment

Writer and Illustrator Alex Mathers shares his breakdown for thinking your way to realizing $10k in revenue each month.  The takeaway: Focus on a single income stream at a time and break down the process of moving people from discovery to their desired outcome into small manageable steps. (4-minute read). 10 questions to making $10,000 per month

Hotjar's Louis Grenier explains why blindly following best practices might not only be ineffective but could sink your business. The takeaway: Whenever you are trying something new in your business start from a clear hypothesis about how your solution will solve the problem and then test whether your assumption is correct. (13-minute read). Death by 'best practices': Why they can kill your business

Stuart Balcombe