Up and to the Right: 12/05/2017


Here are 3 links worth your time this week:

Compass (& Sail) founder Mike Wilner explains the ins and outs of calculating your freelance tax rate. The takeaway: Withhold money for taxes each time you get paid and save the mad dash to get everything together come the filing deadline. (12-minute read). A guide to freelance taxes


Freelance expert Austin Church shares the onboarding process he uses to spend less time managing workflows and more time making his clients successful.  The takeaway: Take the time to organize your client onboarding process and make it possible to turn conversations into paying clients in 20 minutes or less.  (13-minute read). Steal my client onboarding process


The folks at IP Info share how making some small changes to your website can increase relevance and ultimately help you land more clients.  The takeaway: The more you can make your website visitors feel you are speaking directly to them the more likely they are to engage and learn more about how you can help solve their unique challenges.  (11-minute read). How to personalize your website before you know anything about your site visitor

Stuart Balcombe